Elevator Conveyor Belt

Elevator Conveyor Belts are typically used in vertical applications with additional safety factors for bucket attachments and holes for meshing with drive and tracking components. Belt construction and materials are often application-specific. Belt materials and configuration vary for such specific uses as roofing shingle conveying, bakery oven belts for pies and pizzas, quarry gravel transport, and a very variety of others.


Specifications of these belts generally depends upon the weight of buckets to be bolted on these belts. Very commonly used rating is 400/4 with 2mm top & 4mm bottom covers. However, these specifications can be elevated to higher ratings up to 1000/4 with 2mm top & 5 mm bottom for heavier buckets which carry heavy quantities of materials. Characteristic: Little earth coverage, no pollution, great conveying capacity, suitable for conveying bulk material.


Applications of Bucket Elevator Belts :

  • Cement Plants
  • Pulses Mills
  • Flour Mills
  • Sugar Mills
  • Mineral processing plants
  • Timber industry and sawmills
  • Salt Mines
  • Rice Mills