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Rubber Conveyor Belt


Our General Purpose Conveyor Belts are of high quality and are also known for its high performance and longer working life. The General Purpose Conveyor Belts are available in Cotton/Nylon fabric range.

Endless Conveyor Belt


Our Endless Conveyor Belts are fit for medium, long-distance and heavy-load transportation of materials, widely used in Forging Industry for Shot Blasting Machines, Mining, metallurgical, architectural industry, ports, etc..

Cleated Conveyor Belt


We offers a variety of Cleated Belt pattern types to suit most applications and have the advantage of being integrally moulded as part of the Top surface and are suitable for jointing by vulcanizing or by mechanical fasteners.

Side Wall Conveyor Belt


The Sidewall Conveyor Belts are produced from a high elasticity and strength rubber compound and offer excellent flexibility and therefore maximum flexing.

Center Cleat Conveyor Belt


We manufacture Center Cleated Conveyor Belts mostly for Shot Blasting machines. It helps the movement of the belt to be in line and avoids the gliding of the belt on the sides.

Chevron Conveyor Belt


We specialize in manufacturing of different types of Chevron Cleated Conveyor Belts. Our Chevron conveyor belts are produced with integrally molded profiles fitted into the belt's top cover with Hot Vulcanization process.

Elevator Conveyor Belt


Elevator Conveyor Belts are typically used in vertical applications with additional safety factors for bucket attachments and holes for meshing with drive and tracking components.

Gardner Conveyor Belt


 Gardner Belts are used in Bearing Industries. These belts have High Tensile Strength and does not allow the material to skid during the transportation process.

Rubber Seals


 Products/Services: Oil seal, Gasket, O-ring, Bolt, Rubber part, Mechanical seal,Oil seals.

Rubber Spiders


Spider made from high standard rubber can withstand water, dust, oil, and atmospheric conditions.