Side Wall Conveyor Belt

The Sidewall Conveyor Belts are produced from a high elasticity and strength rubber compound and offer excellent flexibility and therefore maximum flexing.


The use of diagonal fabric for the reinforcement within the Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt ensures maximum elongation of the fabric at the flexing points as well as increasing tensile strength, again increasing the life of the Sidewall.


Due to the space limitation or in case of elevating materials at a large slope, sidewall conveyor belt is often used to prevent the scatter of conveying materials. It is fit for conveying materials at a large slope between 0°C ~ 90°C.


Special Features :

  • Materials can be conveyed at a large slope in about 90 degree angle.
  • Wide rang materials ( large capacity )can be handled and can not be scattered.
  • The slope of conveying can be raised from horizontal to sloping or from sloping to horizontal.
  • The conveyor is simple in structure, flexible in arrangement and less space requirement.